The Global Impact of NADI:


Valenzi Letter

A. Economic Impact

Water and copper are used as the medium for Nadi energy, due to their unique properties to store and transmit energy

Maintaining Global Health GDP while sustaining global GDP. Includes 4 aspects of NADI:

  • Health: Cellular programming to restore original genetical memories
  • Wellness: Digital Screening of emotional and mental causes of NCB as cancer DM and respiratory diseases.
  • Security: Changing criminality to civility, geo-political understanding of people’s natural behaviors to support both corporate and civil system stability in economy and governance.
  • Water: Protection from waterborne diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya typhoid, etc.

B. Environmental Impact:

2022_Letter from Gerald H.Pollack on NADI water

Global warming reduction by installing copper tech plates:

  • At the glaciers
  • At selected places in the ocean at the beginning points of the river.
  • At Drinking water purification places.

C. Educational Impact:

NADI Letter (Rice)

Human value connection for collective awareness curiosity adaptation to current time problem-solving. Self-based research.