Peace and the healing of humanity are contained in a single drop of water, holding the essence of NADI – Dr. Deep


Water is the miraculous source of life, and what binds water is this energy called NADI.

NADI is behind everything.

It is what binds us together; it is what holds the solar system together.

NADI is able to restore balance to our original elements: fire, earth, air, and water. NADI also brings back original space, which contains and infuses our very being and interconnection.

NADI flows as a river through all creation at all levels from truth, healing, and mystery, to ancient wisdom, the discernment of patterns, and the flow of knowledge, even gnostic or secret things that are minute, on a subatomic level.

Upon drinking Nadi water, NADI energy infuses each water molecule to reach every cell in the body within seven minutes.

Upon reaching the cell, NADI energy switches on the cells innate programing responsible for clearing the negative impact of memories and value blocks held in cellular space (Kha), restoring the cell back toits original state governed byCollective Memories and Collective energy (NADI).

NADI water restores the flow of collective values of love, unity, joy, and peace, bringing healing to every organ and aspect of body, from physical to mental to emotional to conscious to soul body and beyond.


For the rest of that day and several days after (NADI Water) I felt amazing. My nausea was gone! I had an appetite! I had energy! And that wasn’t all! I inexplicably felt more empathy and love for my family, friends, and colleagues; even those who had wronged me. Feelings of envy and pride that had been contributing to my depression were replaced with love and enthusiasm for other’s success.

Dr. Rob Rice, Mental Health Specialist, St. John Fisher University, New York

After drinking NADI water the good sleep has improved from something like 3% of nights to 50% of nights…As convener of the Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water, I’m aware of extensive evidence that water has the capacity to absorb and store information, even coming from some distance.

Dr. Gerard Pollack, World Renowned Water Scientist, University of Washington

My son, has Down Syndrome, a congenital genetic condition. After receiving NADI water I saw a massive change in him. In just seven sessions, we say physical and cognitive changes in him and I just through I would never see.

Nisha P.,Mother of boy with down syndrome, Dubai, U.A.E

It is now a great pleasure to be introduced to Dr Deep, who is able to treat complex disorders of subtle body via Nadi Water. NADI Energy as shown in the work of Dr. Deep should be further refined into high levels of skill and efficiency in the treatment of BrainMindConsciousness disorder,such asinsomnia, psychosomatic disease, panic attack and PTSD. NADI Energy holds great potential for the future…

Dr. Vincenzo Valenzi, Dipartimento Di Medicina Integrata e Biofisica, Florence, Italy

My son, Dhruv, has Down Syndrome, a congenital genetic condition.After receiving NADI Water | saw a massive change in him. In just seven sessions, we saw physical and cognitive changes in him that | just thought | would never see.

His thick fingers with large joints, became less thick and nodular. This facilitated radically improved fine motor skills. We saw massive improvements in the amount of written work he produced at schoo! and general endurance in such activities.

Dhruv had a mental block when it came to reading and would flat out refuse to do it. This too improved massively, not only did he start reading more at school, but his reading level went up too.The weakness in his eyes due to Bilateral Esotropia noticeably changed. Dhruv started making more eye contact and his tracking improved. He became more present as a result. His hand eye coordination improved, which his Physical Education teacher also picked up on.

Cognitively, it was difficult to get Dhruv’s attention, he found it very hard to focus, this also improved, along with his logical reasoning. He was making more connections having more meaningful exchanges and as a result engaging more with his family and friends.

NAD! Water helped to optimise my son’s abilities without a shadow of a doubt. | cannot thank Dr Deep enough for all his selfless work. | encourage others to give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Nisha, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Personally, over the last months | was in a very stressed period of my life, with insomnia and general “incoherence” in brain and body, without any efficient therapy in modern medicine for myself. Dr Deep’s treatment based on India’s Chakra-Nadi understanding has helped me a lot also if pressure of daily stress continues to produce disorder in my performance and health status, monitored with electroquantistic biotechnologies that measure the state of bioelectrical homeostasis in the organs on the meridians and Chakas up to the cellular states. It seems that in the etiopathogeneisis of the psychosomatic disorder there
may be Borelliosis with Lyme disease and the pharmacoelectrodynamic therapy with tetracyclines has clearly improved the clinical status performance status with correlated instrumental improvement.

Dr Deep’s work could be important for the development of science and skills in medical practice, increase the efforts to any level to teach the basis of CHAKRA-NADI skill and correlate R&D to share the powerful tradition with the modern science and medicine. Some related matter is offered here in this brief YouTube presentation about my book on Wilhelm Reich:

The valorisation of Indian Medical Traditions represented by Dr Deep and many others, could be a great contribution to Health and Happiness in these rich and complex times the humankind are going through. Dr Deep’s approach and understanding of the Nadi wisdom and its applications save very promising to save quality and quantity of good life and for mind and body dieses globally.

Isabella Valenzj, Firenze, Italy