Nadi water

Water is the miraculous source of life, and what binds water is this energy called NADI.

NADI is behind everything.

It is what binds us together; it is what holds the solar system together.

NADI is able to restore balance to our original elements: fire, earth, air, and water. NADI also brings back original space, which contains and infuses our very being and interconnection.

NADI flows as a river through all creation at all levels from truth, healing, and mystery, to ancient wisdom, the discernment of patterns, and the flow of knowledge, even gnostic or secret things that are minute, on a subatomic level.

Upon drinking Nadi water, NADI energy infuses each water molecule to reach every cell in the body within seven minutes.

Upon reaching the cell, NADI energy switches on the cells innate programing responsible for clearing the negative
impact of memories and value blocks held in cellular space (Kha), restoring the cell back to its original state governed by Collective Memories and Collective energy (NADI).

NADI water restores the flow of collective values of love, unity, joy, and peace, bringing healing to every organ and aspect of body, from physical to mental to emotional to conscious to soul body and beyond.