During the first and second month of pregnancy, Collective Memories* were active in fetus. And these Collective Memories were governing a stage of pure creation in the body. This was the time in fetus development when there was no heart, no organs, no biomolecules but still cellular regeneration or cell division was happening, as it was entirely governed by Total human energy or Collective energy or NADI.

NADI is therefore best described as the baseline energy of human, that is specifically responsible for binding the water molecules of the body.

*Collective Memories are the purest and most essential memories shared by humans, memories of pure value, values of love, peace, joy, healing, kindness, compassion.


After the second month of fetus ends, the umbilicus of fetus attaches to mother, and cell creation begins to be shaped by inherited and acquired memories, shifting the state of body away from baseline energy, to gut energy, which is governed by not only creation energy (now with a limited quota), but also= sustenance energy and degeneration energy that are the expression of personal or individual memories (this is the level from which Stem cells operate), as opposed to Collective Memories that are the expression of values common to all human and where cell regeneration operates from.

Now as fetus develops, this baseline shifts further away from NADI energy, and from gut energy to ten finite Sources of life force energy of the body (DAS PRAN) (brain energy, heart energy, soul energy, lung energy, blood energy, bone marrow energy, gut energy, colon energy, sperm and ovum energy).

Now, shifts in mood, mind and emotion cause accumulations and blockages that become distractions, deteriorations, and disorders, disconnecting humans from baseline, creating disharmony and disarray amongst five bodies. For example, restoring the mind causes accumulation in emotion, or restoring emotion causes accumulation in consciousness, or restoring body causes accumulation in soul, and so on.


Upon drinking NADI water, NADI energy shifts the head office of cellular programing from a state of limited energy of post-second month of fetus governed by Personal Individual Memory and DAS PRAN energy linked to gut, to a state of infinite energy of first and second month of fetus, governed by Collective Memory and beyond five body energy (Collective energy or Nadi energy). This is the state of absolute purity and cellular regeneration linked to the anterior frontal region of brain from where human values such as love and unity enter into DNA to establish well-being.

Just as body has the nature to breath its own oxygen, body also has the nature to be in a constant and non- changeable state of peace and love by being connected to its NADI. Drinking NADI water and expanding NADI awareness nurtures this innate connection, returning the body back to its original state.

NADI is the autonomous in-built bio-tech programming system of the human body and NADI water restores our connection to it.