About Dr. Deep

Dr. Deep was born with the gift of wholeness, in Chandauli, Varanasi. Two years prior to his birth his family was told by a prominent sage, Aghoreshwar Ram, that they should prepare to receive a son who would channel healing energy and love to people worldwide.
Dr. Deep’s life is an expression of deep awareness and transcendent values in connection to ultimate reality. In his presence, one channels peace, experiences wholeness, and expresses awareness of a deeper soul connection and transformation.

Dr. Deep believes peace and the healing of humanity are contained in a single drop of water, holding the essence of NADI. Water is the miraculous source of life. And what binds water is this energy called NADI. NADI is behind everything. It is what binds us together; it is what holds the solar system together. NADI is able to restore balance to our original elements: fire, earth, air, and water. NADI also brings back original space, which contains and infuses our very being and interconnection. NADI flows as a river through all creation at all levels from truth, healing, and mystery, to ancient wisdom, the discernment of patterns, and the flow of knowledge, even gnostic or secret things that are minute, on a subatomic level.

Pioneer of NADI, and recipient of the National Dhanwantari Award by the government of India for being an outstanding and dynamic Nadi Vaidya, Dr. Deep is known for adding Nadi to the Republic of India’s 2022-2047 National Health, Nutrition and Education Policy aimed at 1.4 billion people, of which 20 million people will have unlimited access to Nadi Water by the end of 2022.

Dr. Deep’s gifts, insight, and service have been well-received by key leaders and institutions around the world, across all fields. Dr. Deep is a member of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA), where he gave a talk on Spirituality and Medicine during their 20th Annual Conference. He has been invited to lecture at Harvard University, and to collaborate with experts linked with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge University, Stanford University, University of Rome, UCLA, National Institute of Health, and the Mayo Clinic, to name a few. Dr. Deep has conducted Nadi CME Programs in the US, and has established Nadi Centers throughout the world including the UAE, US, and South Africa.

Dr. Deep completed his Medical Degree from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (Maharashtra Council of Indian Medicine license: I-68866-A) and his undergraduate degree from the prestigious Benares Hindu University. He did his post- graduate studies at the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW), in addition to the renowned Haffkine Institute in Mumbai. Dr. Deep is a NADI consultant for integrative medical centers around the world and he is the author of The Knowledge of NADI (Release date: 2023).