About Dr. Deep

Dr. Deep was born with the gift of wholeness, in Chandauli, Varanasi. Two years prior to his birth, his family was told by a prominent sage, AghoreshwarRam, that they should prepare to receive a son who would channel healing energy and love to people worldwide.

Dr. Deep’s life is an expression of deep awareness and transcendent values in connection to ultimate reality. In his presence, one channels peace, experiences wholeness, and expresses awareness of a deeper soul connection and transformation.



For the rest of that day and several days after (NADI Water) I felt amazing. My nausea was gone! I had an appetite! I had energy! And that wasn’t all! I inexplicably felt more empathy and love for my family, friends, and colleagues; even those who had wronged me. Feelings of envy and pride that had been contributing to my depression were replaced with love and enthusiasm for other’s success.

Dr. Rob Rice, Mental Health Specialist, St. John Fisher University, New York

After drinking NADI water the good sleep has improved from something like 3% of nights to 50% of nights…As convener of the Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water, I’m aware of extensive evidence that water has the capacity to absorb and store information, even coming from some distance.

Dr. Gerard Pollack, World Renowned Water Scientist, University of Washington

My son, has Down Syndrome, a congenital genetic condition. After receiving NADI water I saw a massive change in him. In just seven sessions, we say physical and cognitive changes in him and I just through I would never see.

Nisha P.,Mother of boy with down syndrome, Dubai, U.A.E

It is now a great pleasure to be introduced to Dr Deep, who is able to treat complex disorders of subtle body via Nadi Water. NADI Energy as shown in the work of Dr. Deep should be further refined into high levels of skill and efficiency in the treatment of BrainMindConsciousness disorder,such asinsomnia, psychosomatic disease, panic attack and PTSD. NADI Energy holds great potential for the future…

Dr. Vincenzo Valenzi, Dipartimento Di Medicina Integrata e Biofisica, Florence, Italy